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GeoSkills 3 (Level 1)

Activity Sheets
NCEA Geography
Applying Geographic Skills


GeoSkills 3 (Level 1) is the latest in our GeoSkills series. It contains Activity Sheets that help NCEA students practise their Level 1 Geography skills. 

The Activity Sheets provide new questions and tasks for the NCEA Exam Resource Booklets from 2013 to 2020*.

Questions have been written to include each resource contained in the booklets. Along with short-answer questions and puzzles, each Activity Sheet provides and opportunity to practise a major skill:

  • Topographic Map Skills
  • Précis Maps
  • Climate Graphs
  • Multi Bar Graphs
  • Line Graphs
  • Pie Graphs
  • Percentage Bar Graphs
  • Values Exploration


The activity sheets are perfect for casual classroom use, homework or relief lessons.

GeoSkills 3

Level 1
$ 49 +gst
  • Activity Sheets for past exam booklets
    (2013 to 2020)

It is best used when schools have their own collections of these resource booklets, however links are provided for digital versions if necessary.

What’s in the Package?

The activity sheets are easily printed on one double-sided A4 sheet. Perfect for classroom use or relief lessons.

A separate answer sheet matches each student activity sheet and provides answers, marking indicators and tips.

Each Answer Sheet has a QR Code for teachers to share a digital copy of the answer sheet when each student is ready.

The student activity sheets are best used when schools have their own collections of the physical NCEA Exam Resource Booklets from 2013 to 2022. However this pack contains links to digital versions if printing them is necessary or if you would like to trial using GeoSkills 3 digitally.

A simple chart document for you to keep track of which activity sheets you have used and the major skills covered.


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GeoSkills 3 (Level 1) was created in: March 2022

Engaging Material

Questions, puzzles and tasks for students to practice map work and major skills

Print on Demand

Teachers can print as many copies as required for use in their school

Digital Classrooms

Digital format makes it easy to provide resources electronically.