Kiwi Hero

Stand-Alone Project
Social Studies or Inquiry Learning
Curriculum Level: 3 to 5
Investigating  |  Social Decision-Making


There are hundreds of amazing and important New Zealanders who are worthy of national recognition. In this project students find out about some of these amazing Kiwis. Influential people who have done important work, created something special or represented New Zealand on the international stage. With the aim of finding a deserving candidate to feature on a proposed $500 banknote.

Students are guided to investigate three influential Kiwis and create a presentation outlining their accomplishments, weighing up the significance of their achievements and making a fully justified decision about which Kiwi Hero should go on a proposed $500.

Kiwi Hero is self-contained and perfect for busy teachers who like using well-designed and reliable resources. The teacher support material is useful for any teacher, but particularly for those new to the profession. As stand-alone projects, they can be used any time of year and provide students an opportunity for independent inquiry.

The online resource pack includes an introductory Powerpoint presentation, teacher notes, full-colour task sheet, google docs version, and a suggested marking schedule. All documents are editable and customisable for your individual school needs.

Kiwi Hero

Stand-Alone Project
$ 25 +gst
  • Online Access to files and resources
  • Add access for additional staff members
  • Access to updated or added files, links or resources.

Curriculum Level: 3 to 5
This unit is structured to assess social studies skills and understanding:
Investigation & Research Skills
Key Competency: Using Language , symbols and texts
Social Decision-Making

What’s in the Package?

You get online access to an exclusive member’s area where you can access or download all of the resources.

A highly visual PowerPoint presentation to introduce students to the world of abandoned places

Teacher notes that match the Powerpoint presentation slides to describe, explain and add detail to the introduction. Setting the scene for the project.

Advice is provided about carrying out the project.

A beautiful full-colour instruction sheet that you can print and give to the students. It contains the task instructions and examples of abandoned places for students to investigate.

The instructions can also be given to students as a Google Doc for digital environments or for classes that use Google Classroom.
The Google Doc contains the task instructions and examples of abandoned places for students to investigate. 
They could also use the document as a place to collect their information.

Links are provided to videos and articles that the teacher may choose to use with their learners.

A guide with options for marking the social studies skills and the understanding covered in the project. An editable version is also supplied so you can customise it for your school.

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