Saving Manapouri

Assessment Package
Social Studies & Aotearoa New Zealand Histories

Curriculum Phase 4
Viewpoints & Values  | Decision-Making & Social Action | Conceptual Understanding


A resource for
***Aotearoa New Zealand Histories***
and the refreshed curriculum

The Manapouri Dam issue started the modern environmental movement in New Zealand. 

Saving Manapouri is a resource package that helps students learn about this important event in Aotearoa New Zealand’s history. Student’s will learn how people opposed the Government’s plans for a large hydro-power scheme and forced changes through wide-spread social action to keep Lake Manapouri safe. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment, or as part of an existing unit about environmental issues.

With the help of an attractive custom-made website that brings the relevant information together easily for the students, they will find out about the issue, explore different viewpoints, and understand how it gave rise to the modern environmental movement in New Zealand.

The tasks can be done with pen and paper as a teacher-led activity, or completed independently online. Students would typically complete the task over several class sessions.

The online resource pack includes the resources, teacher notes, full-colour task sheet, google docs version, and a suggested marking schedule. All documents are editable and customisable for your individual school needs.

Saving Manapouri

Assessment Package
$ 39 +gst
  • Online Access to files and resources
  • Add access for additional staff members
  • Access to updated or added files, links or resources.

Social Sciences & Aotearoa New Zealand Histories
Curriculum Phase 4
This unit is structured to assess social studies skills and understanding:
    Conceptual Understanding
    Values & Viewpoints
    Decision-Making & Social Action

What’s in the Package?

You get online access to an exclusive member’s area where you can access or download all of the resources.

Advice about how to run and carry out the assignment.

For printing physical copies of the task for students to write on. Students use the link provided in the booklet or the QR code to access the custom-made website for all the resources needed to complete the assignment.

Teachers can copy and share this document to allow students to complete the activity online and/or through Google Classroom

A custom-made website dedicated to this assignment. It has collected and collated all the material the students need. The resources are organised and presented beautifully to work on any type of student device.

A copy of the Assessment Sheets with example answers and ideas for each task

A guide with options for marking the social studies skills and the understanding covered in the assignment. An editable version is also supplied so you can customise it for your school.

Links are provided to videos and suggested activities that the teacher may choose to use with their learners.

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